There are a 3 main types of planning in my classroom:

1- continous provision
I’m lucky to have been given free reign to develop our early years/ early primary class, one of the first things I did was spend a chunk of cash setting up our CP room. We have 4/5 areas that we review and update each half term- exploration, sensory, maths, block play and small world. Each has a planning sheet stuck up with information on how to use the area with each student to help their learning and building towards their long and medium term goals.

2- topic webs
We have a topic per half term – each student has a topic web which includes medium term and long term goals and then lists the things they are doing in each area- communication and language, literacy, numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative, personal social and emotional, sensory and physical. This planning makes sure that students don’t repeat the same activities year after year and that students get both a vertical and horizontal curriculum.

3- session plans
Each student has a set of session plans. Even in group or paired sessions each student has their own targets. These plans include long term, medium term and short term targets and are filled in by LSA’s who then let me know as targets are reached.

Together the three sets of planning ensure that students make progress and get breadth of study in all areas of learning. It may seem like a lot but a small class and medium term targets that run 6 monthly help to keep workload managable


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