Review- the black book of colours


I received this lovely book for my birthday last month. It’s a nicely sized book which explores colours from the perspective of a child who is visually impaired.

The simple text describes the taste, feel and smells associated with the colour with braille text running above. On the opposite page are raised illustrations of the various sensory experiences described. The book has no colour at all apart from the black background and white text.


I would highly recommend this book both for students who are visually impaired and are able to access braille or spoken text and for staff and non-visually impaired young people. It would be a great addition to any school library to help raise awareness of the experiences of colour from a different perspective.

I’m unlikely to use this book with my own class as they are unable to access such complex text and ideas but it has already proved popular with staff and we plan to buy a copy to use in training.


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