A day in the life

6.00- hit snooze
6.10- hit snooze again
6.11 panic its late, jump out of bed and stumble to the bathroom. Pull on work ‘uniform’ of jeans, boots, shirt and hoodie. Don’t bother with makeup but do add some funky studs!
6.30 switch on sons light to start waking him up (like me he’s not a morning person!)
6.45 breakfast, grab lunchbox and sling sons nursery bag in husbands car- he does the nursery run every day!
7.30 arrive at work, switch on laptop and make a brew whilst I wait for it to warm up
7.40 answer emails- one from a parent asking for some ideas to help their child in the holidays and one from our habilitation worker trying to sort out a slot to introduce cane training to a student
8.00 set up messy play area- fake snow today, throw away some manly cloths (I sweat they breed!) Wipe down a gait trainer that got splashed with gunk and rearrange respurces in the play room- theme of the half term is ‘ice and snow’
8.20 LSA’s start to arrive- quick chat about updating a session plan, check book that we don’t need to cover another class.
8.30 panic! Can’t find a students visual schedule and prox pad
8.50 panic over- helpful cleaner tidied them away last night!
8.45 students start to arrive and head off for breakfast and sensory integration. Lots of rolling, swinging, squeezing and brushing
9.10 timetable time- there are 6 students in the class and 6 different timetables- tactile with prox pad tags, Object with symbol, Object, photo, symbol and a video one!
9.30 hello time and self registration- students find their personal identifiers and explore the personal identifiers of the staff.
9.45 students head off for their individual programs- literacy, maths, trailing rebound and art. I observe a maths session, pop in on rebound and make notes and then deliver an attention session to 2 students
10.15- radio goes off, a student is having an incident in the corridor. I let other staff know and go to check on the staff, I swap in with one LSA as they’re looking a bit stressed. Student has epilepsy and behaviours often crop up before a major seizure. Usually we’d move out to the playground but it’s too slippy today!
10.30- break time, when a staff member comes I send the second LSA away, whilst distracted I get a nasty bite to the leg and arm. Should’ve grabbed the bite sleeves from the cupboard.
10.35 deputy head comes and sends me off- she’s remembered I have an assessment visit!
11.30 assesment went well, student who was distressed earlier has had a seizure but is fine now- didn’t need rescue meds which is good! Back to class for our sensory story!
12.00- help in the lunch room, a student spears some pasta with a fork independently for the first time! A huge breakthrough!
12.30 time for my lunch. Sit at my desk to reply to emails and do register whilst stuffing in sandwich!
12.50 radio goes off- a student is wheezing and needs their tracheotomy suctioning. Both LSA’s who are trained are on lunch so I pop down and do it.
1.00 sensory music time!
1.30 all get changed into messy clothes and explore a tarpaulin covered in fake snow and glitter!
2.00 very messy staff and students sliding about having a lot of fun! One student uses PECS to request mare glitter. Make photographs, videos and audio recordings are made to share with students and parents.
2.15 time to get out! Students and staff get changed and then myself and an LSA head to the sensory room with two students for some switch skills time.
2.40- massage in the classroom
3.00 home school books done and students head home.
3.10 LSA has put the kettle on! Team meeting tonight, discuss planning, community trips for next half term and a team night out! Lots of biscuits are eaten!
4.00- wonder why my leg hurts- recall the earlier incident and go to medical- a nice set of teeth marks!
4.15 answer more emails- two about an annual review the day after tomorrow, one about a behaviour meeting and one about updating my pool safety and rescue meds training
4.45- lock up classroom and go home! Decide to leave my laptop at school and write my assessment report tomorrow.
4.50- notice the laundry hasn’t gone, decide to take it home and do it as I’ll need clean jumpers, kneckerchiefs and swim kits for tomorrow.
5.30 home! Stick laundry on, relax and try not to think about school all night. End up browsing pintrest looking at ideas for our valentines theme week.
10.00 fall asleep shattered, slightly bruised and ready to it all again tomorrow!


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