Nurture 14/15

This year has been one of highs and lows- the lowest was the news that my wonderful nurture classes developed over the last 3 years were to close and I was to ‘ve moved back to mainstream classes in September. The reason? Our new academy sponsors didn’t feel they ‘fitted the vision for the school’.

If I had to choose a word for 2014 it would be ‘struggle’ I struggled to fight for our nurture provision, struggled to hold peace in interminable meetings with academy ‘experts’ and struggled with the decision to leave the school, community and colleagues I loved for pastures new.

My next word would be ‘change’ from mainstream to special, from part to full time, from 13 in a class to 5, from balancing motherhood and teaching to going off balance as I’ve tried to establish my new class. Change is hard and its hit me hard this year!

My third would be growth- I’ve grown as a person, as a teacher and as a mother. I completed the 0-5k challenge and discovered a great way to destress, I gained (and turned down) a place on a doctorate course, I finished my senco qualification and I’ve gone from parenting a cute little one year old to my very own bouncing, shouting by bundle of two-year old joy. Tantrums ahoy!

My final word would be passion. Moving jobs has reignited my passion for what I do and I feel like a square peg in a square hole.

I’m hoping 2015 is going to be a year of settling- settling into our new house (just got to find it!) Settling into the new job and settling into full time working and parenting a child who knows what he wants and can finally communicate it (well sometimes!) I’m hoping to reach out more as well- attending some conferences, spending time with friends and Mr B and being more active here on on Twitter. I’m fiablky finding my feet and looking forward to a great new year!

Here’s to 2015 and a it has to offer!



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