First month!

Well my first month working in a Special school is over and it’s been a frantic, difficult and absolutely wonderful transition! I now feel like I’ve been there forever- I can work the printer, I know where the coffee is hidden and I have a large stack of ‘to do’s’ on my desk!

I have a small class of just 5 students with a team of 5 LSA’s. Three of my students have ASC plus sensory needs and two have multi-sensory impairments. All of them Early Years or KS1 age and they are all complex little people who need completely individual programmes of study, timetables and teaching methods! So far we’ve managed 6 community trips (4 to soft play, one to a pumpkin farm and one to go horse riding!) celebrated Eid and have managed to have 3 sessions a day where most of us make it into the same room at the same time!

What have I learnt

So far I’ve learnt that:

  • I’ve got to be flexible! From week to week, day to day and even hour to hour I need to be ready to change and adapt constantly!
  • I’ve got to let go! With 5 children off in 5 different locations doing 5 different things I need to trust my LSA team to deliver what I’ve planned, and they have!
  • Ask and ye shall receive! I’ve asked more questions this month that I have ever asked in my life before! From asking for resources (all approved lots of exciting things arriving soon!) to asking for advice to just asking where things are kept- don’t struggle just ask!
  • Sleep is essential. I’ve never been so tired I’m running around site all day (often literally running I’m glad i completed couch to 5k before I started work!) add on swimming, PE, trips out and the need to lift and guide children and I’m into bed and off to sleep by 9 most nights!
  • I’ve found my niche! I love it, even when it’s raining and the class are climbing the walls, even when I’m exhausted and just need 5 minutes with a coffee, even when I got covered in angel delight (from the sensory tray via a sudden and rather sticky cuddle) and then had to go to a rather high powered meeting with strawberry angel delight in my hair I love it and I genuinely feel like I’m ‘home’