Blackberry picking by August Laux
Blackberry picking by August Laux

September is so close I can smell it- heading out to drink a morning coffee in the garden I’m sure I could feel the leaves beginning to turn. We’ve been shoe shopping, new diaries have arrived and I’ve updated my wardrobe ready for the new school year! Traditionally resolutions are made in January but like many teachers my personal year runs September to September- so I’m making mine now!

  1. I will use my diary! I will write things down, make my lists in one place and try not to over book this year!
  2. I will keep on top of things at home- clothes washed, lunches made and Little B’s bag packed the night before.
  3. I will record this year- my first in my new job. Here and in my paper journal I want to keep a record of the things I’ve tried, failed and at and enjoyed!
  4. Keep healthy! Warding off the winter bugs will be easier if I keep running, keep taking the vitamins and put down the phone before bed.
  5. And finally- I will make time to network, read other blogs and get inspired!


August brings the sheaves of corn,
Then the harvest home is borne.

Warm September brings the fruit,
Sportsmen then begin to shoot.

From ‘January brings the snow’