Special needs teacher bloghop


I know it’s only the begining of the summer holidays for us, but over in the USA teachers everywhere are sorting out their school bags, stocking up on new pencils and swearing that this is the year they will be organised. I’ve decided to join in with an online bloghop as it seemed like a good way to find some relevant blogs to steal, I mean ‘share’ ideas with!


Name: Mrs B

Job title: Teacher

Grade/Year group: Early years and KS1 mixed (4-7)

Number of years taught: This will be my 8th year in teaching. Time flies when you’re buried under a pile of marking…

My top tips for fellow teachers would be:

  • routine for the class and for yourself. Routine helps children feel safe and comfortable and routine helps me stay on top of work and have a semblance of a normal life! Get your routines going from day 1.
  • Have an emergency bag stashed at work- my contains pens and blutack, some very nice coffee sachets and chocolate for bad days, pain killers for noisy days, throat sweets for hoars days and spare clothes (including underwear) for messy days!
  • connect to other teachers, through blogs, pinterest and of course face to face in your school and in other local schools.

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