50 ways to improve emotional wellbeing

9-Time tables

Routine, routine, routine.

The most important thing to many of the children I teach is routine. Suprises are scary, change is a catastophy and what they really want is for today to be much the same as yesterday. They want to know what they’re doing, when they’re doing and who they’re doing it with.

Visual timetables are your friend here. The exact format depends entirely on the child. We have a daily class one with symbols, individual ones with symbols, objects and photographs and even a ‘smell’ timetable for a child who is deaf/blind. I also have a very simple weekly calendar which we review daily as well into which I slot any big changes/special events.

The times involved also depend on the child- from now/next to sessional to a full day to a week. Every child can benefit from a simple timetable to help them make sense of their world.


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