Mini-feely blanket

Many of the children I teach are sensory seekers- they love to touch, stroke, mouth and twiddle. One of my little ones developed a fascination with the feeling of my leggings. Everytime I sat anywhere near him he would pinch a handful (sometimes trapping some leg skin too!) and start rubbing the fabric. After a few bruises I decided to have a go at making something that might fulfil this sensory need in a more socially acceptable and non-bruising way. I’ve made ‘taggie blankets’ for friends babies and toddlers in the past and thought something similar might work.

These are really simple to make- you just need a sewing machine, some strips of fabric and ribbon and two squares of fabric.

Place the two square together right (pattern) sides together and insert the strip of fabric. Then nearly all the way round and turn right side out through the gap. I then oversew round and round at least twice to finish the gap off and to ensure the strips of ribbon and fabric are firmly attached.

The completed taggie oversewn several times for strength!
The back- this one uses a corduroy fabric on the back as it was another favourite texture
Different ribbon textures- smooth, silky, rough, stretch etc

These have been very popular with the kids in my class and I’ve spent many a happy evening sewing up new ones to take in favourite textures, patterns and colours. I’ve added a few dried peas and lavender into some and sewn lanyards on other so they are always around to help sooth and relax children.

Easy, simple, cheap and effective = a winner all round!


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