Supporting the sensory seeker in the classroom

I decided to tackle this area of SPD first because it’s the one I’m immersed in at the moment! The trickiest child in my class is a sensory seeker on a huge scale. She’s constantly in movement, she bounces, spins and jumps constantly. She never moves in as straight line preferring to literally bounce of the walls! She licks and mouth everything from my shoes to pencil and toys. She needs tangle toy after tangle toy at group time and each one only helps for a few minutes. She loves to bounce higher on the trampoline, cycle faster on the bikes and play the music louder than any other child in the class! She shouts when she should talk, runs when she should walk and is rapidly eating my entire snack budget!

I love working with her and she tries to hard but her sensory needs can be exhausting!

Things that have helped us are:

  • Sensory play and lots of it! From gloop to paint trays, warm water, cold water, ice, jelli-baff, corn kernels, pumpkin insides. Every day I try to put out a least two different sensory texture trays.
  • A huge basket of tangle toys- twisters, large beads she can chew on, balls and stress balls. They get swapped every few minutes. I can now do this without interrupting the flow of my sessions.
  • A spot on the carpet for her to sit in with sufficient space around it. She often falls over or her feet will go flying!
  • Plenty of outside time- bikes, trampolines, a birth ball and an office chair all let us fulfil her desires for sensory stimulation
  • Yoga, tai chi and relaxation time to try and help wind down- a weighted blanket helps!
  • Sensory timetables using smell and sound to help ‘cue in’ to what’s happening in the classroom

The main thing that that’s helped me?

A coffee and a scone as big as my head. Essential after a long week!
A coffee and a scone as big as my head. Essential after a long week!


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